Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This maxim is at a maximum,
the time has come undone
what we have done
The id the drives us to extinction
the situation is devastating displacing original intentions removing all convictions.
My dissection of society evolving into it's own deity,
and infection of self devolving life into one bing strife,
a race for wealth destruction of piety all is lost 
civilization and salvation the cost of our arrogance.
Replace with devotion to greed, the need to feed,
consume consume con us sum, con u sum more,
co. knew u so well they put you under a spell
taught you how to read, taught you what you "need"
showed you how to greed, showed you lust was just,
Atman has a plan for each man at each span of time the design defines all of us.
The tangible authority is a minority of selfish confining the minority of selfless.
Now leverage the knowledge of self into more than the world wealth
take power for y those who we should cower in fear from I shed a tear for those who hear this and don't fear the psychic fate of our nation state. Only you know what is true so watch what's around you conscious of surroundings especially their subliminal assaults causing minimal thoughts that create fault lines that divide us into red and blue so they can decide for us, take fake truth or dead


My third eye quakes as i cannot wake,
Not fake this is real i can feel like the first time
I woke my true mind to find whats inside,
But this time the outsides caving in.

The hearts divide unable to decide to pick sides in a fight is to fight it.
I have alot of thoughts you may not like them, but
What you say is just as important as what you do.
The waves, in, out, the flow shows the way things come and go,
All things follow the flow.

Rise and fall,
Dip and dive,
Live and die,
Laugh and cry,
Thrive and whither,

Neither you or i can see the design, but

You and I,
Me and You,
One into two,
Not Me,
Not You,

Then we can see true
Combined can feel it in every breath we take

One spirit,
One love
Let peace in and make like doves.


The solution to killing people is to kill the people who are killing the people, the people killing the other people do it because they think the other people are wrong and they are right, so we kill the people killing the people, because we think they are wrong in killing the people because they think they are right, so we think we are right in killing the people killing the people, so in the natural progression of KILLING PEOPLE, wont someone think we are wrong in killing people...and kill us


The summer of love,
flys away on dismal day of dismay,
as the dove leaves the war torn ground,
 the piece of me that was peaceful,
 finding that kind part might be harder now you'll fight to bring it out.
the dove never made it out,
 heart dropped out,
did three circles round about,
the sound of screaming,
 indearing searing the memory in the brain,
 the pain comes again,
 the mind finds defenses entrenches,
 behind fences of apathy the path between a no-manfeelings zone,
 these visions their missions decisions of attraction,
distractions the wave of attrition the knave's and wenche's,