Monday, May 30, 2011

Id stand down but im on the edge 
And its a long way down
No time for Frowns 
Crown of the thorns 
Lead me to my grave
Save me from my fate

Where will the dawn rise when neither side said come hither with her warmth?
When the gravity of the situation escapes revelation?
Where is the apocalypse where are my daemons to show the truth?
Life like death, dead like life, come my denizens become citizens of this warp.
The darkness is our friend it covers the pain of day the dismay of light rays. 
The Black Sun. The Dead Sky. No Reason Why.


The walls call your brain to numb again
Only the deaf dumb and blind find

Time to ignore the truth
Here in the cell
Eternity in private sector hell

Lost for ever, inside
Outside they are shunned
Shot at and gunned down
The reaping, police come around

And round up em' all
No prejudice other than monetary
Demanding debt and servitude

The alternative is exile or imprisonment
Here lies their intent
Exterminate and reinvent

Down with existentialism
All hail materialism
Money over all
No exception to the infections
Everyone must obey
Destroy individuality
This all sounds very cyclical
 i could stand it on a bicycle 
but my feet are killing me 
instilling me with regret
 filling me with doubt 
about what life's really about. 
the vultures are circling the culture
and its giving in 
living in sin and drowning in gin
 with the outsiders frowning looking in...
Theresa time to grow old and a time to grow cold.

This time fits neither mold
This couldnt have been bought
Despite you fascination with currency 
The trite dedication to tyranny 
Fall in line in time to get your dime
Fine by me
My time is here 
My Time is NOW
Fear for me dear 
Tear for me dear
To late to hear from me 
To late to be near to me 
But what is time to be so late.

What is love without some hate?
Where is eden when the seventh trumpet is rung?
Where will we be 
When the Patron saint of the LOST and the DAMNED
has sung her song to every last man? 

Will this span of time prove lucrative 
or is it the incentive to lie down 
without a sound
calm before the storm
worn and torn 

Week Absents

Ive been in Jail,
 like harvard or yale its a confining institution
defining it takes alot of whit but, i cannot quit
the thirst is great, makes me hate the world,
even the power is sour, bittersweet, smells of rot

Monday, May 23, 2011

Quote from a friend

"talking to Americans about government is like talking to a child about Santa clause" - Colin

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Heros always fall

Her curse unwinds, and i find time to be free, time to rhyme rhythms with the trees where the schism of the wind winds unconfined contemplations at natural orchestration defined dimension experience exorcism of materialism.
Creates the fated fall of imperialism. educate us but tell us not to use it, keep us dumbdown a sound plan for controlling souls of the weak. advocate for us and abuse it, confuse us infuse us with corporate thoughts, bought and sold like pounds of gold, the sounds buying I'm lying i meant dying, as the new idolization is the nation, the new religion is economy, this de-rationalization, tranquilization, stagnation, this destination is oblivion a wave dark like obsidian of infinite absolute tyranny it puts the fear in me to see this villainy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Game

The Game
Hey, lets play a game
take the walk of shame
and you're the one to blame

You complied
but still you'll say this death sentence lied
or tried

Better hide
your face
'cause you've fallen from grace

Narrow your life
down to this one strife

Isn't it what you wanted
To be disdained and taunted?

Or were you just looking to try?
you saw into the devil's eye
you got what you were looking for 
so where's the sigh?
are you still keeping score?
or did that become a bore?

Has this become too much?
Has it lost its lust?
Are you still having fun?
Then drop the gun

But this game is harder than what you sought 
and for it to be done
you must lose before it can be won
so stop letting yourself rot
before you get yourself shot

-Molly May

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Sinner's Aside

A Sinner's Aside

She's scared to 
This thing got
A hold on her
She won't let on
That something's
Gone wrong
In the system

Fuse blown
Or circuit shorted
'Cause things are looking
A bit contorted
As if her mind's been

But she'll continue the show
And when she's asked
To do it again
She'll act like she's
Than the stuff

Nose upturned
and chin held high
But she doesn't realize 
I can see the glint in her
A smile and a nod
Can't mask the
That burns beneath
Those thick green eyes

She was born with eyes
The color of
The Lord Almighty's
To a life of lust

She'll manage to let
The reason she's had
Because she doesn't
Want you to find

What she does
Behind your 
When she sent you out
To conceal her next 

An aside 
To you
My friend
My dearest conscience

-Molly May