Monday, May 16, 2011

The Game

The Game
Hey, lets play a game
take the walk of shame
and you're the one to blame

You complied
but still you'll say this death sentence lied
or tried

Better hide
your face
'cause you've fallen from grace

Narrow your life
down to this one strife

Isn't it what you wanted
To be disdained and taunted?

Or were you just looking to try?
you saw into the devil's eye
you got what you were looking for 
so where's the sigh?
are you still keeping score?
or did that become a bore?

Has this become too much?
Has it lost its lust?
Are you still having fun?
Then drop the gun

But this game is harder than what you sought 
and for it to be done
you must lose before it can be won
so stop letting yourself rot
before you get yourself shot

-Molly May