Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My third eye quakes as i cannot wake,
Not fake this is real i can feel like the first time
I woke my true mind to find whats inside,
But this time the outsides caving in.

The hearts divide unable to decide to pick sides in a fight is to fight it.
I have alot of thoughts you may not like them, but
What you say is just as important as what you do.
The waves, in, out, the flow shows the way things come and go,
All things follow the flow.

Rise and fall,
Dip and dive,
Live and die,
Laugh and cry,
Thrive and whither,

Neither you or i can see the design, but

You and I,
Me and You,
One into two,
Not Me,
Not You,

Then we can see true
Combined can feel it in every breath we take

One spirit,
One love
Let peace in and make like doves.

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