Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This maxim is at a maximum,
the time has come undone
what we have done
The id the drives us to extinction
the situation is devastating displacing original intentions removing all convictions.
My dissection of society evolving into it's own deity,
and infection of self devolving life into one bing strife,
a race for wealth destruction of piety all is lost 
civilization and salvation the cost of our arrogance.
Replace with devotion to greed, the need to feed,
consume consume con us sum, con u sum more,
co. knew u so well they put you under a spell
taught you how to read, taught you what you "need"
showed you how to greed, showed you lust was just,
Atman has a plan for each man at each span of time the design defines all of us.
The tangible authority is a minority of selfish confining the minority of selfless.
Now leverage the knowledge of self into more than the world wealth
take power for y those who we should cower in fear from I shed a tear for those who hear this and don't fear the psychic fate of our nation state. Only you know what is true so watch what's around you conscious of surroundings especially their subliminal assaults causing minimal thoughts that create fault lines that divide us into red and blue so they can decide for us, take fake truth or dead

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  1. Beautiful you know how to portrays words in a way to use as a non forceful weapon to sift through the mask of society. Im very impressed