Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nature Calls

Gaia we have failed you.
Nailed you to the boards of a cross
Our conviction that we are in charge
Has led to your Crucifixion at large

The trees have been replaced
By three thousand homes
displaced people still homeless
stillness lost at extravigant costs

This Cruise of Fiction is coming to a crash
the clash of arms brings harm to all
we will wither and die, as gaia begins to thrive
We wont survive , and the mother will not die

Take me back, to a time when black sheep
Were white Sheep, because we were all sheep
Labels were fables and no one hearded us into stables
Here i sit, in a fit of rage,

So i pour that rage into this page
With the hope that it will change the satus quo
Before i go i hope you know
The trees are pleading with you

They see what you do
Thier leaves are waving at you
Before i leave let me plead with you
They are bleeding for your "needs"


  1. Labels were fables and no one hearded us into stables - I love this line

  2. very good post. look forward to more.

  3. I am impressed by your work... Carry on =D

  4. very very inteligent, i'm impressed!