Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Your Honor

I stand before you, your honor
to emplore you to explore the world
your world, is fickle and broken
you prosecute your citizens
for corporate greed

When will you understand ?
why do you stand for this

im calling the denizens of the warp
to take down your corporape
i will take what i need
to plant a seed
it will grow and grow
i will make you dead
in your head

so listen to what ive said
or you are just like them
filled with greed, taking what you dont need
feeding on those who dont know
but ive watched you show's
for what they really are
i see through your stars
i deny your fancy cars
i got two feet to walk this street
real shit, real sheets, real thick
blow your mind until you find
whats deep deep inside

so your dishonor
i stand before you today
emploring you, to not ignore the truth
before the warp takes your soul
and burys you in a deep dark hole
with your family weeping around
and the ground closing in on you
im showing you what you cant see
because your in to deep
in two step beats ill make your feet move
make you feel  whats real

NOthing-ness is everything
i talk about, walking about
round the round about cyclical
cynical, criminal subliminal implants
im planting
watch it grow