Thursday, April 14, 2011


Fuck your athority, i choose who i loose for
Ignoring your demands, i stand on my two feet
Now you can "own" the street i walk on
Dream on. your wrong in every action

To think you control me
Hear me, fear me, for i have none
Everyone else gives in to your demands

Truth is im waiting in the shadows with a shiv in hand
Revolution, gave birth to this country
Unified under common enemies
The founders believed in U.S.
Here and now, they would rise up

America has become the empire
Bommbarding the world with decadence
On the eve of the colapse i watch
Under a star spangled flag
The country of fags, and hippo.s

America we need a relapse
Major changes in our social arrangments
Everyone see's the flaws and the cause
Revolutionize the institution through legal prosecution
I say nay, pure revolt blitz like a bolt of fire and light
Create the vision the founders had
A land of the free, its up to you and me
So i ask you now, to take a look around

Give up materailism for activism
Order the corporate fascist to be split down
Villians of congress, wallstreet, and the president
Everyone must act to take back what was destined to be ours
Recreate the republic without fear for control
Mend your soul make it whole again
Even the odds against the rich and what they rule
Never diverge from Sendero Luminiso
To win, simply spread the truth...

congressmen have enough dirt to bury a skyscrapper


  1. Sweet poem. Down with corrupt govts!

  2. Kinda sounds like Tim Robbins in Team America...

  3. Im'a take that as a compliment
    Try reading it Vertical

  4. I like the attitude of this one. Makes me wanna get off my chair and ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWAH.

  5. I like all your posts, but sometimes the font is hard to read late at night.

  6. Nice poem. :) We should stand against corruption.

  7. quite the verses... sincerely liked it, keep it up

  8. wow, I love your style ...

  9. That's hard... but also beautiful...
    I like it =D

  10. I really do dig this poem though.