Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The theme for today is flow, for those who know how it goes, it shows.
So ill throwdown
the lowdown
on how to get down.
Ill use so many nouns.
that I go pro.
your looking at it
the fully automatic
click tick boom
goes the hollowpoint
so follow the tracer
and face your deamons
the anointed leaders
become bottom feaders
and the pressure builds
the steam streams forth
just like the fourth
a river flows and shows
those who know where to go


  1. This can be a good rap song, haha.

  2. This is cool but its really more rap than poetry. The same thing happens to me when I try to write poetry. I blame my generation!

  3. Eh, its slam poetry rap has a beat but i understand where youcoming from. and the line between slam poetry and rap is thin and indistinguishable. unfortunately Jim the music industry doesnt take fondly to people who want to speak intelligently about relevant topics...

  4. Nice poetry mate, you have a way with words

    Following :)

  5. using bullets in the theme of the poem is pure genius.

  6. That is poetry right there. Your layout looks fimiliar :).