Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Subliminal Criminal

Here i stand Vilified
denied my rights
but i will not stand by
and watch everything i love
fly away like a dove from the wartorn ground
i wont go quietly i will silently make sounds
paradox opens pandoras box
to find hope in the dope i sling
i sing songs, i rite wrongs
defy their lies, with every step
they try to tie me down
trials, their denials

I will fight with every last breath
with all my might i will have my rite
written on the wall, the bathroom stall
calls to arms, not to cause harm
to defend the peace, inspired by the fire
keepers of flame,

The blame game drives me insane
no longer is this beast tame
you broke open the cage
open the box


  1. really nice poem man. i really enjoyed it. leaves you with an edge...

  2. I liked the like stanzas the most. Great poem.

  3. lol@john. When did you start writing poetry?

  4. sweet poem, i really enjoyed it. I like alot of you other posts as well! - followed.