Friday, April 1, 2011

The Signal Grows

Subliminal criminals, testing WMD's on the masses
The omnicolor covers the real world with "the real world"
Ominous tones over obvious drones
Police state instated is and understatement

The world you see is broken and ficle
Hell on earth, life hurts, yes it does
Envy your neighbor, no, he hurts just like you

Convey love in every motion
On the day you die, leave with a smile
No one man can see the plan
The design is to complex for one mind
Rendering it takes a few, or even just two
Order is chaos and dualism parasiticly feeds
Lower yourself an mabye you and i can use

Our third eye to find reasons why
Remember why you search

Day to day the pain comes
In again and again same day new shit
Everyday is the same, the only time is now


  1. text is a little hard to read but good poem brah

  2. i should probly change the text too make it more readable, but read it verticly

  3. Struggled a little to read it, but it's an interesting poem. Although poems really aren't my thing.

  4. The text made it a little hard to read, but I managed. I do love the layout on your blog.

  5. lol i tried reading with my raging headache and it didnt help

  6. Good stuff.

  7. Nice post. Whenever I am bored I can just stroll over here and click a post. You should compile your best work and make a book on amazon. (its really easy and free!)