Saturday, April 16, 2011

Online Friends

Fake me in a book for the whole world to look.
And take my face sell it to for ad space.
Converting  me in time into the well bred consumer
Everyone is here, hurting, learning, laughing, loving.
But the truth is hard to find under mind control
On the day you relize the real lies
Our real lives will be industrialized
Keeping you true to the cause

You blessed with antibliss come on LIKE this
well im done with the fakeness ill show you real
teach you how to feel again show you theres something better
Deep with in the sin of self is the worlds wealth

Try my facelessness the fakebook cant identify my lies
Anoninimity lying to the liars the know everything you like
where you lived as a tike, what you looked like, what books your read,
what you believe you need, and they plant blatant subliminal seeds to increase
the need to feed like armies of zombies
Might can conquer your Rights
Privacy invasion the new age piracy

Dont submit your soul to be sold off
Be aware of the scary things happening
Your name has been sold for couple flakes of gold
The Fakebook has you too, dont deny the truth


  1. Awesome, I do NOT have a facebook

  2. Nice, but I do have a Facebook.

  3. This is how I feel about facebook. I have to be a part of it or else I am left behind, but they should kill it!